Tony Alamo Authentic Warner Brothers sequence jacket with business card


This jean sequence jacket was designed by the Tony Alamo company.  Tony Alamo was very famous about ten years ago and his sequence jackets were made famous by Hollywood.  The celebrities used to buy up these jackets, sometimes for $100,000's of dollars.  This jacket features the Warner Brother logo on the back.  This is one of two we have to sell.  This one stands out, because it has the old label and a business card from the California offices of Tony Alamo.  The business card is present because the owner of these jackets was one of the lead marketing designers with Warner Brothers at the time.  These jackets are now collectors items due to the Tony Alamo story and the events that lead to his arrest.  This jacket looks like it has been worn a hand full of times (the neck collar has slight discoloration.)  It is unmarked as to the size, it seems to be medium or large. I am not sure if there were shoulder pads in this jacket, if so they are gone.  

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