Gameboy Resellers LOT Game systems empty boxes and games with boxes


This is a Gameboy resellers lot.  There are vintage gameboy systems with boxes, as well as empty boxes.  Some items have instructions, but many do not.  Some of the games come complete with boxes, and one game does not even have a box. 

** Game Genie New in Box

** 2 Extra battery packs.  They are non functioning and do not hold a charge.  I am sending them, but they may be garbage.

** Power chord, is the only way i was able to power up the game systems. 

The game systems are all functional.  I had to plug them in, and could not get them to work with batteries.  I am not sure if they will function from battery power.

** 1 Empty Gameboy box (Small)

** 2 electronic neon blue gameboy box with consoles.  Only one has the tetris game included.  One foam box has a little damage to it.  Only one is pictured.  

Box With Game:

 Donkey Kong (GB)

Tetris 2 (GB)

Dr. Mario (GB)

Super Mario 2 (GB)

Wordtris (GB)

Game and Watch Gallery (GB COLOR)

Empty Box

Zelda (GB)

Super Mario Land (GB)

Pac Man (GB)

Donkey Kong Country 3 (GB)

Game without Box

Donkey Kong Land (GB)



Will ship FedEx Ground