Beverly Hills Estate Sale

Beverly Hills Estate Sale

Attention Estate Sale Shoppers,

Heritage Estate Sales is proud to present this exclusive Beverly Hills estate sale. This is truly a rare opportunity to acquire many High End items. We apologize for only being open for 2 days, but we have to follow strict Beverly Hills city ordinances. Please be ready with your driving directions or your GPS, as we are not allowed any directional signage. Listed below are just some of the items you can expect to find.

  • Fine Antiques
  • Designer Décor
  • 2.01ct GIA Certified Round Diamond D VS2
  • Lots of Fine Jewelry Diamonds Gold & Platinum
  • Sterling Silver
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Large Lladro Collection
  • Art Glass
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Tea Cups and Saucers
  • Several Lalique Crystal
  • Early 19th C Hand Carved Walnut Buffet with Inlay
  • 19th C Bronze Champlevé French Mantel Clock
  • Early 19th C Dutch Marquetry Hutch
  • Antique petite hand painted inlay Display Table
  • 19th C 7 Piece Gilt Salon Set
  • 19th C Louis 15th Style Gilt Display Table
  • 19th C Dresden Porcelain Figurine Group
  • 19th C German Porcelain Group
  • Pair of Antique Cranberry Hand Painted Lusters
  • 19th C Pair of Bronze Cherub Andirons
  • French Marquetry Coffee Table w/ Marble insert and Ram Head Mountings
  • Pair of Hand Painted Sevres Porcelain with Bronze Mountings
  • 19th C Gilt Bronze Sevres Clock
  • Belgium Tapestry
  • Alabaster Carved Pedestal
  • Carved Marble Statue Lady w/ Flowers
  • 19th C Bronze Ewer w/ Cherub Motif
  • Hand Painted Sevres Urn
  • Pair of Fruit Girandoles
  • Hand Painted German Porcelain Group
  • Hand Painted Small Urn
  • Sevres Center Piece Cobalt Blue Plateau
  • Cameo Lamps
  • Carved Marble Table Lamp
  • Carved Marble Pedestal with Fluted Legs
  • 19th C French Display Cabinet w/ Bronze ormolu Wedgewood Plaque
  • Hand Painted Bowl Bavaria
  • Hand Painted French Nesting Table
  • 19th C French Large Entry Mirror w/ Cherub Motif
  • Oil on Canvas by Tachi Portrait of Le Contesse de Wurtenbourg
  • French Mirror Bronze Motif Inlay
  • Antique Buddha
  • Carved Oriental Masks
  • French Hand Painted Verne Martin 3 Panel Screen
  • Pair of French Painted Iron Twin Beds with Bronze Cherub Mountings
  • French Bronze & Marble Étagère
  • Car Liquor Bottle Collection
  • 19th C French Two Tier French Marquetry Side Table
  • Theodore Alexander Bronze Golf Lamps
  • Pair of Louis 16th Aubusson Tapestry Chairs
  • Elephant Figurine Collection
  • Carved Oak Drop Leaf Desk Early 19th C Lion Head Motif
  • Carved Oak Bench w/ Phoenix
  • Bronze and Satin Wood Side Table
  • Pair of English Side Chairs
  • Turn of the Century English Carved Facial Chairs, 5 Side 1 Arm
  • French Carved Entry Table Gilt and Marble Top
  • 19th C Ebony Side Cabinet w/ Bronze & Hand Painted Sevres Plaque
  • Chippindale Carved Chair w/ Aubusson Tapestry
  • 19th C French Display Cabinet w/ Figural Bronze Mounting
  • Castilian Ceramic and Bronze Pieces
  • 19th C French Buffet w/ Inlay and Marble Top
  • Silk Bokhara Rug
  • 19th C Verne Martin Hand Painted Display Cabinet
  • Carved Walnut Breakfast Table
  • 19th C English Demi loon Side Board w/ Inlay
  • Belleek Ireland Ceramic
  • Cartier Crystal Flutes
  • Etched Crystal
  • Large Glass Beverage Dispenser
  • Extensive Salt & Pepper Collection
  • 2 Sets of Wedgewood China
  • Wedgewood Vera Wang Glasses
  • Large Waterford Collection Lismore
  • Porcelain Music Boxes
  • Fine Porcelain Figurines
  • J Robert Scott Bar Stools & Side Table
  • Herend Panther
  • Sterling Tiffany Jewelry
  • Florence Figural Collection
  • Native American Jewelry
  • Carriage Clocks & Barometers
  • Judaica Wine Dispenser
  • Asian Fish Bowls & Cachepot
  • 6 Chandeliers
  • 19th C Pastel Portrait in Gilt Frame
  • Italian Marble Top Side Table
  • 19th C Set of 4 Salon Chairs Pink Silk
  • 19th C Verne Martin Hand Painted Curio Cabinet
  • Large Gilt Framed Mirror
  • 19th C Pair of French Gilt Tapestry Arm Chairs
  • French Side Table w/ Pudding Stone Marble Top & Bronze Mountings
  • Oil on Canvas Rose Still Life
  • Pair of French Hand Painted Commodes
  • Lamps
  • 19th C Boule Ladies Desk Bronze Facial Mountings
  • Mirrored 3 Panel Antique Screen
  • Carved Wood Gilt Single Settee with Hand Painted Plaque
  • Designer Clothing, Purses and Shoes
  • 18th to 19th C Italian Oil on Canvas
  • Limoges Large Hand Painted Plaque in Gilt Frame
  • Hand Painted Tapestry Signed 1898
  • 19th C Facial Bronze Pedestal
  • And much, much more

Thank You & God Bless,

The Heritage Crew


627 N Elm Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dates & Times:

Friday, March 18th 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday, March 19th 9:00 am - 5:00 pm